Prof. Frank Giraldo

Welcome to my website. I am a Professor of Applied Mathematics at the Naval Postgraduate School.  I am a founding member of the Scientific Computing group. On this website, you will find the work of my group including that of my students and postdocs.


What I Do

My area of research is in the general area of Scientific Computing. My current interests are:1) continuous and discontinuous Galerkin methods for solving systems of nonlinear partial differential equations, 2) adaptive mesh refinement, 3) implicit and implicit-explicit time-integration, and 4) high-performance computing.  My group works on trying to answer the question of how can we construct complex computer models that run effectively on the world's fastest computers. However, my general research interest lies in real-world problems. To this end, I have been constructing numerical models in order to better capture the behavior of atmospheric and oceanic systems. These are the goals of the four projects I list below (GNuME, NUMA, NUMO, and CLIMA).


General Information

My Mathematics Genealogy: (click here)

Hirsch index: 29 (click here)

Erdos Number: 4

Email address: fxgirald(at)

Office Phone Number: 1-831-656-2293

LinkedIn Page: (click here)

ResearchGate Page: (click here)

GitHub Page: (click here)

Current Research Projects

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